Good Odd Socks (Sock Tubes) - 'Renegade'

Good Odd Socks (Sock Tubes) - 'Renegade'

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Good Odd Socks are 100g sock tubes, machine knitted in four different sizes and naturally dyed.

This listing is for:
🧦 100g sock tubes, choose between four different width/sizes for kids, teens and adults (depending on availability).
🧦 You can make two pairs of socks from one tube (size & length depending). Either re-knitted or using the blank itself (by adding toes, cuffs & afterthought heels).
🧦 4ply Sock composition: 80% Merino (fibre from the South Island of New Zealand)/20% Nylon. 
🧦 Superwash treated yarn.

🧦 Needle size: 2.25-3.25mm (or your needle preference for socks/gauge).

Mini skeins are not included, but listed separately to choose your preferred colour. If you are wanting to knit toes, cuffs and afterthought heels you will need an extra 20g-40g of yarn.

Sizing: (select size in the drop down size option box)
Small/Kids: 48 stitches. Approx. 80mm relaxed width
Teens/Small adults: 54 stitches. Approx. 85mm relaxed width
Adult: 64 stitches. Approx. 100mm relaxed width
Large: 72 stitches. Approx. 100mm relaxed width
The following is a link to a helpful YouTube tutorial for creating socks from sock tubes:
Most blue colours listed contain indigo. Crocking or bleeding may occur, where some indigo rubs off (or bleeds). This is a charm of natural dyeing with indigo, and not considered a fault with indigo dyed products. 

Small lot dyeing means colour differs from batch to batch, and often within the same dye lot - the charm of natural dyeing. I do my best to represent colours accurately, but they can differ. Different monitors & devices can show different shades to the photo.